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I believe equally in presenting classical work like OKLAHOMA and contemporary work like BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON. Both styles are necessary in the teaching of theatre and for cultivating audiences.  Both of these productions received accolades from the KCACTF Region 6 respondent including an award of Merit in Directing.

In 2015 I was fortunate to be invited to direct at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  I was responsible for all aspects of the trip and production including fundraising, advertising and travel.  We performed two new scripts, HATE MAIL by Jack Heifner and MOM AND DAD by SFASU seniors Allison Day and Nick Pinelli.  In 2017 we returned with another student written play CLOSED FOR REPAIRS by Bobby Britton.  In 2019 I wrote an adaptation of Peter Pan, TALES OF NEVERLAND,  and was fortunate to collaborate with the Dance Program to bring the piece to the Edinburgh Stage.

Theatre for Young Audiences and Musicals really are my specialty.  I enjoy the vibrancy of the productions and teaching a life lesson while having fun.  The Emperor's New Clothes was a challenge because for the majority of the cast this was their first mainstage college production.  It is important in those first experiences to instill the respect and discipline of the rehearsal process.

Spamalot was an amazing experience.  The stage manager for this production has worked as a professional SM since this show closed and yet he says to me "I miss Spamalot".  I couldn't ask for a better endorsement of the process on this production.  The cast worked very hard, particularily since most of them had never worn tap shoes before, and the show was a blockbuster success.  The Region 6 KCACTF respondents felt the "joie de vivre" of the prodution and recognized the cast for ensemble work. 

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